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The art of handmade Taiwanese lighting has been revitalised through two talented sisters whose designs have tapped into an international aesthetic. Their father ran his own lighting factory for 20 gruelling years, during which production became centred around China due to the economy, before he rebirthed the company in Taiwan to afford his dynamic daughters the opportunity to grow the family legacy together.

Guided by their father’s wealth of industry experience, Soyee’s designs are simple yet stylishly contemporary and carry a heartfelt desire that each piece might touch the soul and lift the spirit of the families whose homes they brighten.

Soyee’s mantra is to “make your life fun”, and they achieve this through award-winning designs such as the Mr. Wattson lamp range that beautifully marries contemporary décor styling with a touch of wit as they seek to create décor pieces that add style, warmth, comfort and soul to a home.

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