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Mr. Wattson

By Soyee Studio
€ 149
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Mr. Wattson is a handmade LED lamp. The combination of the ash wood body and the 1946 Vespa-inspired headlight have made Mr. Wattson into the icon he is. However you choose to display Mr. Wattson the movement and flexibility of the joints are what give Mr. Wattson his stellar personality.

Available Colours
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Ash Wood | Aluminum | Metal
W155 x D276 x H180~400mm
Bulb: 3W G4 LED LED (incl.)
Cable: 2,3M Cotton Brown
12V-SWR-TG (Tiffany Green) 12V-SWR-CP (Cemellia Pink) 12V-SWR-NG (Nardo Gray) 12V-SWR-LY (Light Yellow:) 12V-SWR-HB (Old Havana Blue) 12V-SWR-CG (Chiltern Green) 12V-SWR-DG (Desert Green) 12V-SWR-FB (Fashion Black) 12V-SWR-MO (Mclaren Orange) 12V-SWR-DR (Dream Red) 12V-SWR-VW (Vintage White)
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