Spaghetti Coat Rack

Spaghetti Coat Rack

The Spaghetti coat rack consists of a weighted base holding six sturdy beech wood sticks that create supports for coats and jackets.

The design is inspired by nature with its stone-like base and loose bundle of sticks which can be arranged in different positions. It’s organic, interactive and unlike any other coat rack you’re like to see.

The base is made of special concrete in natural colours or out of terrazzo, which is a composite material consisting of marble or granite set in concrete. The effects are simple, natural and elegant.

Models: Spaghetti Coat Rack
Materials: Concrete and beech wood / terrazzo and beech wood
Dimension: Φ70 x 160 (H) cm. 18.5 kg
Weight: 18.5 kg
Design: Vytautas Gecas