Mr. Wattson

Mr. Wattson

Mr. Wattson™ is inspired by children’s action figures and the colours and shapes of vintage car parts from the 1930s. The light source is a long-lasting changeable G9 LED running on only 2,5 watts.

The lamp’s adjustable body and long legs ensure that it can be placed wherever you want it. Perhaps with a straight back on the windowsill or with a more relaxed posture on your bookshelf?

Mr. Wattson is made of ash wood and high-grade metal alloy in 7 different colours. He’s both classic and urban and brings his own bright personality with him wherever he goes.


Available colours:

Name: Mr. Wattson
Material: Ash and painted aluminium
Cable: 2,2 meter Cotton Brown
Bulb: 2,5W G9 LED
Dimensions: H 275 x W 393
Design: Soyee Studios

Mr. Wattson is a handmade LED lamp made from carefully selected materials.

The ash wood body with the vintage car inspired headlight gives you a distinctive expression. Whether you put him in a relaxed and laidback position with both legs on the table or you dangle him cheerfully with his legs on a shelf edge, the flexible joints give Mr. Wattson a lot of personality.

The headlight is available in several distinct colours, and adjustable enabling you to direct the light in your preferred direction.

Material:Ash wood/Aluminium/Metal


Size:W15.5 X D27.6 X H18~40 cm